Certified Gunkote Application

On this Sig we did a custom blue mix and a Stealth Gray.

On this AR-10, we did a four color American Flag battle worn finish. And finished it out with a matte clear to make the battlewear pop.

Our refinishing process in an extensive process. All parts are placed in a soaking tank for two hours to remove any oils, dirt, or debris. After pulling from the soaking tank they are placed in the oven for an hour to bake out any remaining oils. Once the parts have cooled to a working temperature, the parts are then sand blasted to a bare metal, or on plastic parts, lightly blasted to create an adhesion surface.

Parts are then soaked again to remove any blasting media from the parts. Once removed from the soak tank, parts are placed on a hanging rack and allowed to air dry. This is when the fun starts!

On a single color finish, parts are sprayed with a full coat and then placed in the oven for 2 hours at 320 degrees to ensure that you have a fully cured coating. On parts with multiple colors, or patterns, once the first coating is sprayed it is flash baked for 15 minutes to allow the base coat to adhere to the metal. After allowing the parts to cool to room temperature, parts are removed from the oven. If we are using a stenciled pattern, stencils are then applied, and the second color is sprayed. At this point we will bake the parts for the full two hours at 320 degrees. If other stencils are required, and additional coats we will do the flash bake process until we are ready for the final coat. If there is a clear coat being applied, the clearcoat will be sprayed before the final bake.

Once the final bake is complete, the firearm will be reassembled. During this process, we will ensure that all parts are clean, the moving parts are lubricated per manufacturer recommendations, and that the firearm is fully functional.

Prices for refinishing start at $65 and go up for there, depending on number of parts, number of colors, patterns, etc. Contact us today for your next project!