Cherokee Tactical Services

We know that not everyone has the time or the patience to get that firearm set up just the way they want it! Some of those things take time that most people just do not have. Well we want you to have that firearm set up just the way you want it.

Here at Cherokee Tactical we offer a wide range of services. Do you need nights sights installed on your handgun, we can do it. Do you need that new scope mounted and leveled, we got you. Does your trigger have so much creep it takes 2 inches to pull it back, we can fix that for you. And are you tired of that plain black gun, and need a little color? Well we can fix that too. We offer gun refinishing to make that pistol or rifle look they way you want it.

Email us or stop by the store to see if we can get you taken care of!

Some of our Services

FFL Transfer Service
We offer firearm transfer services for all of your online purchases. Just order your firearm online, let us know where you bought and your order information, and we will take care of the rest!!

Transfers will be completed face to face and all Federal and State Laws will be adhered to. If you have a VALID Texas License to Carry, you will not be subject to a NICS background check

We charge $25 for the first firearm, and $5 for each additional, up to 4.

Scope Mounting
Scope mounting will include the following:

  • scope leveling with only the best tools
  • Loctite installed on all screws and torqued to spec
  • Bore sight for a 25yd zero
  • Scope rings will be lapped and reamed if needed

Gunsmith Labor
Our Gunsmith services are charged by the hour. Some services we do charge by the service, but some custom work takes a little longer due to running in to issues that are unforeseen. The following are some of the services we charge by the hour:

  • Trigger jobs on pistols and rifles
  • Removing front sight post on AR style rifles
  • Rifle stock replacements
  • Barrel and receiver replacement to include bedding

Refinishing Services
$65starting at
We offer gun refinishing services as well! To achieve this we use Gunkote, which is a baked on coating. Gunkote is used by the military for their coated weapons. It lasts! We offer various colors and patterns to achieve the look you want. We can also do custom colors, as well as color matching. We do not perform Re-bluing services.