If you know anything about firearms, more especially rifles, you know that we have come a long way since the Model 70 Winchester or the Remington Mohawk that daddy and grandaddy used to hunt with. While at the time, if you had one of those rifles, whether you shot with a new Weaver or Tasco scope, or you stuck to the traditional iron sights, you had one of the top of the line rifles. Those rifles were gorgeous with those Walnut wood stocks with some having  carvings, and others just being flat out shiny. 

Well in today’s world, those shiny wood stocks have become a glimmer in a by gone era. Most manufacturers today provide almost entirely synthetic or some time of laminate stock. Some offer factory stock options that are geared towards comfort, some towards precision shooting, some towards hunting in itself. Some have some hybrid options. But let’s face it, there are a majority of people purchasing new rifles that aren’t using them to hunt. They’re using the for PRS, or precision rifle shooting. And that area of the market has grown. Since the aluminum bedding was introduced to the market by H-S Precision for one of their fiberglass stocks, other manufacturers saw the effectiveness of the rigidity of the aluminum block. 

Fast forward several years later, and we have the rifle chassis systems with aluminum bedding blocks. And while there are many on the market, there is one company that has made a name for themselves, not only in the PRS market, but the long range hunters as well. When MDT released the TAC 21 chassis for the Rem 700, it was game changing. And now they have newer, better, and more cost effective chassis systems. And they offer accessories that pair well with their chassis’. Take a look at the video below where they take a plain ol Ruger American and put it in the XRS chassis. By the time you finish watching, you’ll be on your phone looking where to purchase one, you’re welcome!

Ruger Testing with MDT chassis